Are you “food” enough?

Posted on May 10, 2011


This blog entry is inspired by a typo in a BBM sent to me by my cousin. It read, ” This is who I’m not food enough for?” He meant to say “good enough”, but reading “food enough” really struck me and inspired some reflection and thought on my part. I think asking are or is one “food enough” is a much better question to ask than is one “good enough”. There’s a whole lot of good people in the world, but that doesn’t mean they would feed or sustain me as a friend or a partner.

But, what does it mean to be “food” enough to your partner or even your friends? Do we actually look for it/ consider it when it comes to finding potential partners or friends?

And what are the “food groups”?

Are you starving/malnourished in some “food groups” with your partner/friends?  Overly stuffed in other “food groups” in need of a diet? Do you stock up on “food groups” in one or more particular area in anticipation of the drought/depletion of the “food” in other areas? Do you purposely “diet” or abstain in certain “food groups” because you’d rather have extra helpings of another “food group” (save all your calories from one area for some extra helpings of “dessert”)? Are some of your partnerships/friends just full of “empty calories” in all “food groups”?

Just some “food” for thought…or not…Me personally, I’ve never been one to deprive myself of any one “food group” when it comes to friends or partners…

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